The Scrub King

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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"I gave this to my partner, and it turned out to be an incredible gift choice! These scalp, face, body, and back scrubbers provide a 100% head-to-toe refreshment, making shower time a full on spa experience!" - Benjamin, P Verified Customer
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All you need for 100% head-to-toe refreshment. Literally. Invigorate your scalp, face, revitalise your body, and scrub where no man has ever scrubbed before, with our scalp, face, body, and back scrubbers. Plus, keep ‘em right where you need ‘em with their own handy storage hooks.

- Back Scrubber & Hook
- Body Scrubber & Hook

- Scalp Massager & Hook
- Face Scrubber & Holder

Face Scrubber
Unclogs pores
Removes dead skin and dry skin
Gets rid of ‘beardruff’
Helps prevent breakouts

Back & Body Scrubber
Unclogs pores, cleans deep
Makes skin feel soft and rejuvenated
Boosts circulation & exfoliates your skin

Scalp Massager
Exfoliates, Deep cleans hair
Promotes scalp health and boosts circulation
Strengthens hair
Boosts your mood
1 x Body Scrubber & Hook
1 x Face Scrubber & Holder
1 x Back Scrubber & Hook
1 x Scalp Massager & Hook.
Glass/ Perspex Mirror Shiny Tiles Shiny Marble Shiny Fiberglass Gloss Finished Metal (fridge)
Wood Ceramic/matt tiles Concrete Prefabricated Fiberglass Fibreboard/ Plasterboard Textured/ Uneven Tiles Mosaic Tiles

*See more surfaces on How to Use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews

My husband LOVES how everything in this set makes him feel exfoliated after a shower, he works outside and is big on hygiene so this was the perfect gift

Charles Walker
Scrub King

The set is very nice.
The face scrubber is still a mistery.
I would recommend the other items.


I like the whole set and the delivery time!!

Treron Woods
Love it

I love these products.
My skin is more smoother, softer and cleaner. it does everything I will want it to do for my skin

Jeffrey Febles
The Scrub King will make your clean extra squeaky

Gotta admit: I was impressed.
The packaging.
The ease of setting it all up in my shower.
The convenience of having everything right there in front of me. (It’s nice to easily find the face scrubber when my face is covered in soap.)
And my skin!
No more bumps on my head after the scalp scrubber.
No buildup on my skin after the body scrubber.
I’m reaching spots I normally need my GF to reach with the back scrubber.
This thing is fantastic and worth every penny.
Even my GF admitted she uses the body scrubber.