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No hardware, drilling or adhesives. Grips strong to glass, mirror, tiles.

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Made from 100% silicone. removable, reusable and never lose their grip.

GET organized

Introduce a little sophisticated organization to your bathroom.

We’ve changed the game when it comes to bathroom organization.

grips strong to shiny surfaces

Tooletries holders are designed to grip strong to shiny surfaces like glass, mirror or shiny tiles.

drainage holes

All of our toiletry holders come with drainage making them perfect for the shower & super hygienic. 

removable and reusable

Our products will never lose their grip and can be removed and reused them as many times as you like.

Bathroom Organizers & Shower Storage

Our unique, thoughtfully-designed bathroom storage organizers go perfectly with the bathroom decor in any home. With toiletry organizers in different styles and customizable combinations, our products will help your razor, shaving brush, toothbrush and toothpaste find a stylish home in your shower.

Small bathroom problems? Get organized and make it look more spacious. Hanging shower organizers will keep your items off the counter and make for easier cleaning. Whether it's bathroom organizers for small bathrooms or tight spaces, our designer shower organizers will keep all your bathroom accessories within reach.

You won't regret ditching your crummy shower rack and replacing it with sleek bathroom storage. Make your mornings more efficient by shaving in the shower with a fogless shower mirror. Be the man with the organised bathroom and success will follow.

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