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Get Your Grooming Together

Silicone grooming tools and premium skincare designed to help men feel good and look good.

Ditch the puffy loofah!
It's time for an upgrade.

Loofahs are breeding grounds for bacteria, with dirt and skin cells often entangled. That's why we created our Silicone Body Scrubber. They are naturally antimicrobial with bristles that repel moisture, mould and mildew.

Why We Use Silicone

Hygienic, Durable

Silicone is non-porous and naturally antimicrobial, allowing it to repel moisture and mould, remaining clean and resistant to odours.

Unclogs Pores, Exfoliates

Flexible silicone bristles provide a gentle yet thorough exfoliation leaving your skin feeling soft, rejuvenated, and clean.

Boosts Circulation, Mood

The massaging action of silicone bristles can stimulate blood circulation, promoting a healthy glow for your skin, whilst also boosting your mood.

Save time
And the clean-up!

The original and the best. The Harvey and Oliver Set is designed to get you in and out of the shower as efficiently as possible.


50,000 + Reviews

Hygienic and environmentally friendly!

Bought the scrubbers for the lower environmental impact of using silicone for lengthy periods vs a regular loafer. It's had the added benefit of being great at exfoliating my skin and beard.

Shane H.
10/10 Recommend

Scrub-a-dub. This Back Scrubber is a winner! I was blown away with my first shower. Plus my skin feels fantastic.

Mike D.
No more hair in my sink!

Not a paid review just super happy with the practicality of this product! This is definitely true to what's advertised, it's stayed in the same place I've out it in the first day i got it and there's no more hair in my sink.

Kelly S.
Where has this been all my life!!!

This Body Scrubber is awesome! Fits in the hand great and makes me feel all squeaky clean especially after work and the gym.

James P.
Scalp Scrubber = Best Gift Ever!

Partner thinks it’s the best things since sliced bread. Perfectly accompanied with his body scrubber and beer can holder. Safe to say I have strongly achieved partner of the year with this gift.

Miranda C.
Great for my Mental Health

I struggle with OCD and the Body Scrubber & Hook has really helped me feel more at ease about how clean I am when I shower. Plus it scrubs great and lathers!

Mikayla W.
I've never been so clean

My wife now has a set as well and we love them, they work so well, and I would recommend them to anyone you likes clean. Also great service from you guys

Alistair P.