The Endswell | Face Tool
The Endswell | Face Tool
The Endswell | Face Tool
The Endswell | Face Tool
The Endswell | Face Tool

The Endswell | Face Tool

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Combat Puffiness. Fight Swelling.

Reduce swelling and puffiness around your eyes with The Endswell Face Tool. This combat-sports inspired medical grade stainless steel facial tool is designed to reduce dark circles, and give a smooth, toned and more lifted appearance to your skin. Features a custom silicone handle and hygiene mat.

For Best Results: Store in the fridge for an optimal cooling sensation. Applying cold also increases the effect of de-puffing, tightens pores, and reduces swelling.

Decreases puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage
Improves circulation, which can make your skin brighter and firmer
Can distribute skincare products deeper into the skin
Can help with congestion by clearing the sinuses
How to Use:
EYES: Press under each eye, moving from inside to out. Repeat 10-15 times.
JAWLINE: Press from chin to ear, along your jawline. Move closer to your cheekbone with each stroke.
FOREHEAD: With vertical strokes only, press upwards from eyebrows to hairline. Repeat across entire forehead.
EYEBROWS: Press across the entire length of your eyebrow, from inside to out. Repeat on the opposite side.

Endswell: 3.3 x 4.5 cm
Mat: 6cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Daniel Frechette
Treat yourself!

No matter how busy you may think you are, you’re not. You have five minutes each day to use this product. It feels great and makes a noticeable difference on stubborn eye bags. Treat yourself!

Jamie Jamal
Great Tool

The face tool is great! Feels really awesome on the face! Especially when it’s place in the fridge for some time then used to message the face! I will always use mine. Little tool BIG RESULTS!

Endswell Face Tool

I bought for the cooling effect to hope to get rid of puffy eyes and so far it is working. The cooling effect is great. Seems to be helping me to tighten up skin too. I will keep using.

Brandon Young
No Place for A Swollen Face

Love sticking in the fridge or freezer and waking myself up with skin tightening endswell. I have even used it on my kids eyes when they are puffy and itchy.

Jeremy Ivey

Great product

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