The Best 4 Razor Holders Under $30

Shaving is a duty a man must complete almost daily. Yet we don’t often think whether this stalwart pillar of masculinity is really being completed the best it can be. The question arises, where do you stick it between mows of the face? Leave it on the counter it gets wet and rusts. A toiletries bag is a pain to fetch and open every day. The solution is a stand but which is best?

You do it every day might as well do it right. So here’s the Tooletries Best 4 Razor Holders for under $30. Enjoy!

FourMkono Stainless Steel Toothbrush Razor Holder

This design will hold a razor and toothbrush without breaking the bank. It’s cheap at $8.99. Features a stainless-steel body and drainage holes. It’s very narrow though, so it won’t work with electric toothbrushes or anything that wide. As well as its sharp edges can cut you if you’re not careful.

Three: Lucore Colorful People Toothbrush Holder

Some may say these are tacky. Those people would be wrong. These are adorable. They’ll hold everything from your razor to your glasses. Although word to the wise, seeing as they use suction cups perhaps don’t trust them with your expensive prescription glasses like in their photo. Suction cups tend to well… suck. Looking at the Amazon reviews it seems a few people have had issues with them popping off.

Two: Metier Atelier Stainless Steel Razor Stand

A unique take on the bathroom stand this stainless-steel design will hold up to four toothbrushes/razors. The curvy design certainly makes it stand out. It’s described as an “elegant accessory for the countertop.” Although $22.98 for something that’s just a stand is a bit high… 

One: Tooletries Toothbrush Razor Holder

It may be cheating to put our own product in the top spot, but it’s not our fault we make stuff that’s better than everyone else. 

You can put more in our razor holder then the others. Combs, hairbrush, electric toothbrushes etc. It uses our unique silicone compound to grip to shiny surfaces without relying on suction cups or adhesives. Our compound grips stronger, is reusable and leaves no marks or residue. The silicone is extremely durable and won’t cut or dent. 

If you find any better Razor holder for under $30 please let us know because we couldn’t. Until then we crown the Tooletries Toothbrush Razor Holder king! ?


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