charcoal, face & body scrubber
charcoal, face & body scrubber
charcoal, face & body scrubber
charcoal, face & body scrubber
The Face & Body Scrubber Set
grey, face & body scrubber
green, face & body scrubber
burgundy, face & body scrubber

The Face & Body Scrubber Set

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


We are immensely proud of our Tooletries products and are committed to ensuring your utmost satisfaction with them. All of our products carry a 30-day return policy. Some restrictions apply.

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The face scrubber works wonders with my skincare regime leaving my skin feeling refreshingly clean, whilst the body scrubber is also excellent. These silicone products are a hit. I want all of them!" - Allan, Verified Customer
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From your Face to your Feet

When it comes to stimulating your skin, our Face Scrubber + Body Scrubber Twin Pack definitely has you covered. From your face, all the way down to your feet! Yep, start the morning the right way with a clear head and a revitalised body with our patented 100% antimicrobial silicone scrubbers. Experience everything from gentle invigoration to a firm, deep cleanse with this essential addition to your morning routine.

How to use: 
Add your favorite body/face wash directly to the scrubber and massage onto wet skin. 

Face Scrubber
Unclogs pores
Removes dead skin and dry skin
Gets rid of ‘beardruff’
Helps prevent breakouts

Body Scrubber

Unclogs pores, cleans deep
Makes skin feel soft and rejuvenated
Boosts circulation & exfoliates your skin
How to Use:
Add your favourite body/face wash directly to the scrubber and massage onto your wet skin.

1x Body Scrubber 5 x 4.5 inches
1x Face Scrubber 2.3 x 2 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 266 reviews
Christopher Hoppes
Never using a loofah again!

After I tried the beard scrubber, I was still using a loofah. Decided to get the body & face scrubber and I'm never using a loofah that doesn't rinse clean, and that just holds hair and dead skin within, again.

Ron Shultis
Great travel accessory

I always prefer to use body wash and loofah over a washcloth a bar of soap but traveling with a loofah is difficult and gets nasty. This works great because it dries quickly so can travel with it and while not as much as a loofah it lathers pretty good too.

Brynne Baizer
Excellent product

I love these products! The one caveat is that it doesn't work great with every type of body soap. I use dr. bronners and it lathers up very nicely. I love taking this on the go whenever I'm traveling, and strongly prefer to a loofa!

Great product

I do have to use a lot of soap to get it to lather on the scrubber (bought the tooletries soap) but it smells great and wish they created a cologne/perfume for that tasmanian leather scent.

Adam Tedesco

Great products highly recommend