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Mighty Toothbrush Holder & Mirror Pack - Grey

$27.99 USD


Product Details

The Mighty Toothbrush Holder is a fun, funky and colourful toothbrush holder, razor rack and compact shower caddy all-in-one. Featuring Aussie Grip Technology, the Mighty Toothbrush Holder can grip to any shiny surface without the need for adhesives, suction caps or permanent mounts. 

The Mighty Mirror is an anti-fog shower mirror made from 100% silicone and polycarbonate shatterproof mirror. Innovative silicone technology allows it to grip to shiny surfaces and never lose its grip. Designed to fit neatly above the Mighty Toothbrush Holder.


100% silicone | waterproof | Safe & Hygienic 

How to use:

- Clean and dry surface area
- Remove protective film from toothbrush holder
- Press onto surface and use thumb to press out air bubbles
- For best result wait 24 hours before placing toiletries in holder