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Joey Pouch - Blue

$12.99 USD


Product Details

Tooletries’ Joey Pouch creates a fun storage space for your children in the bathroom, whether it be above the sink, in the shower or next to the bath.
  • Adorable kangaroo shaped toothbrush holder 
  • Amazing grip - clings to shiny surfaces; glass, mirror, tiles.
  • Custom drainage holes in pouch allows water to drain & dry
  • 100% waterproof | Safe & Hygienic | Easy to Clean
  • For ages 3 and up. Makes brushing teeth fun everyday!

The packaging also features fun Australian animal fun facts on the packaging!

Clean and dry surface area. Place onto flat, shiny, smooth surface. Use thumbs to press out any air bubbles. Wait 24 hours before placing items in pouch


    • Length:  8.3"
    • Width:    3.7"
    • Depth:   1.5"
    • Weight:  2.9oz