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Why Our Cases

The TOOLETRIES Bathroom Travel Case is truly one of a kind and a must have for the well-travelled individual. It is the most durable and dapper toiletry bag in the market today. Featuring a hard shelled exterior designed to protect your toiletries from impact damage, a soft inner lining and silicone netting to keep your toiletries secure, the combined powers of this little bad boy means the end of toiletry bag mishaps.
There is nothing worse than getting off a long flight, only to find that when you get to your hotel room your toiletries have exploded in your soft toiletry bag and leaked onto your good pants or shirt. Or when you go to use your electric shaver or toothbrush only to find that the battery is flat after being bumped to on during your flight.  The solution? The TOOLETRIES Bathroom Travel Case. Check out our product features below and see why our cases are made for travel.