Scalp Massager & Hook
Scalp Massager & Hook
Scalp Massager & Hook
Scalp Massager & Hook
Scalp Massager & Hook

Scalp Massager & Hook

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A stimulus package

Designed with unique 100% silicone bristles to keep your crown happy and healthy, our new Scalp Massager is pretty damn impressive. That's why we've paired it up with our handy, hygienic, and handsome, hook tile.

That way, after you've finished exfoliating your scalp to control flakiness, and boosting blood flow to strengthen hair and encourage growth, you can hang that little guy up for a well-deserved rest.

Perfect for all hair types, dry or wet. Add to your daily routine for the kind of relaxing-yet-stimulating experience your scalp will thank you for.

Exfoliates, Deep cleans hair
Promotes scalp health and boosts circulation
Strengthens hair
Boosts your mood
A modern alternative to the wooden scalp brush. 100% silicone construction, long lasting, hygienic with ergonomic handle and bespoke silicone bristles to get deep into the roots.

How to use: 
Add your favorite shampoo directly to the scrubber and massage onto wet hair.

4.3 x 4 x 2 in.
Includes: 1x Scalp Massager, 1x Arnold Hook.
Glass/ Perspex Mirror Shiny Tiles Shiny Marble Shiny Fiberglass Gloss Finished Metal (fridge)
Wood Unglazed Tiles Concrete Prefabricated Fiberglass Fibreboard/ Plasterboard Textured/ Uneven Tiles Mosaic Tiles

*See more surfaces on How to Use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Brandon Maser
Use this every day

This has quickly became an essential part of my daily shower routine. Tried scalp scrubbers in the past and just never had any luck with anything due to it either being too hard, too soft or the gimmick of massage aspect and nothing felt like it did anything. As soon as this became an offering, I jumped right on ordering in and am happy I did so. I can scrub my scalp with no issues and finally feel like it is making a difference.

Cody Larson

Great product!!

Garrett Simonian
Feels so good

Feels very good on your scalp and helps clean hair great purchase.

Nico Veneziano

Scalp Massager & Hook

Albert Sappington

I LOVE IT !!!!! Wakes up the scalp and feels super clean. Great for getting conditioner coverage.

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