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The ultimate back-up

Your back is like a remote Amazonian village. It’s hard to reach. That’s why we created our Back Scrubber. It has an ergonomic, extra-length handle that’s designed to give you long-awaited, deep cleansing access to all those forgotten nooks and crannies. What’s more, its bespoke storage hook keeps it high, dry, and hygienic. So go on, give your back the scrub it’s never had.

Back Scrubber

A ultra modern design of the traditional back scrubber. 100% silicone construction, long lasting, hygienic with long handle.

Unclogs pores, cleans deep
Makes skin feel soft and rejuvenated
Boosts circulation & exfoliates your skin
How to use: 
Add your favourite body wash directly to the scrubber and massage onto wet skin.

15.7 x 4.5 x 1.5in.
Includes: 1x Back Scrubber, 1x Arnold Hook.
Glass/ Perspex Mirror Shiny Tiles Shiny Marble Shiny Fiberglass Gloss Finished Metal (fridge)
Wood Unglazed Tiles Concrete Prefabricated Fiberglass Fibreboard/ Plasterboard Textured/ Uneven Tiles Mosaic Tiles

*See more surfaces on How to Use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Mark McBride
Genius Product

This brush IS a game changer. Great for young and old. I have all your products and think this is the future of personal grooming!

Great gift

I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband. He has been dealing with back acne lately, so I thought this might be better for him than a standard loofah or scrub. He said it feels like it does a much better job at applying his body wash and feels good on the skin!

Matt Slodowitz
Pleasantly Impressed

Thought this was a gimmick but love it. So easy to use and feels very comfortable.

James Williams

Great products! I started with the back scrubber. This is the first time in life my back has felt clean and exfoliated after each shower. I loved it so much that, for Fathers’ Day, I asked for all of the Tooletries products - scalp, face, body scrubbers. After one shower using all four products, I can say that I’m never going back to a wash cloth.

Chris Brown
Great back scrubber

Love it. Better than any other I’ve tried. Hook is a solid one that can be put up and changed many times. Very stable.

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