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10 Loft Bathroom Ideas

The low walls and sloped ceilings in your loft don’t have to be a total waste of space. On the contrary, they’re ide...

The Art Of Shaving: Tips On How To Shave

For many of us, shaving is a crucial part of our grooming regime. It’s surprising how few of us actually understand h...

Top Grooming Tips For Stylish Men: Common Questions Answered!

I get asked about male grooming all the time. It’s one of the drawbacks of looking so good I guess, so I don’t compla...

27 Small Bathroom Storage Hacks

If you have limited bathroom space, you know how difficult it can be just trying to fit everything in. If you’re tire...

What’s The Best Fogless Shower Mirror For Shaving?

If like me, you’ve ever wanted to save time in the morning, you might have thought about shaving in the shower: if on...

Stop Your Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up – Tried and Tested!

When it comes to mirrors, showers are a pain. Perhaps you already bought a shower shaving mirror. It’s 6am, you run t...
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