Top Grooming Tips For Stylish Men: Common Questions Answered!

I get asked about male grooming all the time. It’s one of the drawbacks of looking so good I guess, so I don’t complain. It’s definitely shown me the number of men who are clueless when it comes to the basics of men's grooming. With just a little bit of help, most people can take their grooming game from average to world class. Below, I’ve answered some of the more common questions, from why grooming is so important to exactly how to groom yourself, with a few male grooming tips thrown in for good measure. You’re welcome.


What Does Male Grooming Mean?

Well, it’s when a man erm… grooms himself. But really, the question is, what does it mean to you? To an extent, male grooming means one thing to one man and another thing to another. For some of us it’s just getting the hair on your head right, but for others, it’s a full regimen without which we simply cannot face the day. A razor holder will also help you save time on your morning routine, you'll never have to scramble for your razor through bleary eyes at the crack of dawn. Grooming could include trimming your beard or it could be manscaping your whole body.


What comes to mind when you think of personal grooming? Once you’ve got that clear, you can start asking yourself: what is good grooming? There’s no one answer to this one either (we're each of us different after all). When it comes to grooming, men need to pay attention. And there are some universal truths from which we can all learn.  


What Grooming Products Should A Man Use?

Perhaps you don’t call your routine "grooming", and you’re wondering to yourself: How do I groom myself as a man? Well, you probably already do more than you think. For men, grooming starts with the basics like shaving and dental hygiene. Shaving and brushing your teeth in the shower with a toothbrush holder and razor holder combo can really shave minutes off your morning routine. These are the everyday things that you can do quicker which make all the difference.


To brush your teeth, you need good toothpaste and ideally a good electric toothbrush. You need a comb and wax or pomade for your hair. If you shave, you need a good razor, shaving foam, and a balm or moisturizer. If you don’t shave, you need your beard trimmer, comb and beard oil to keep it all together. And we all need deodorant.


But Why Is Personal Grooming Important?

Do you really need me to answer this question? I’ll do my best. Grooming for men is important for so many reasons, I might run out of space. It’s important because first impressions count. Whether it’s in the workplace, at the bar, at the gym, or rocking up for that first date, that impression sticks. And then, it’s about the second impression, the third, and on and on.

What is the difference between personal hygiene and good grooming? Not much, and in the eyes of the beholder, probably nothing at all. Which is fair, because the line between what’s good grooming and what’s personal hygiene is very fine. But what’s more, good grooming shows people you have self-respect, and that you’re capable of looking after yourself. In any context, these are things you want people to know.


How Do You Groom Your Skin?

Your skin needs care just like every other part of your body. Of course, you should wash your face daily. A bar of soap is fine for those with normal to oily skin, but if you have dry skin you should consider a liquid cleanser for everyday use. Scrub before you shave to open up the pores, and to give your skin a deep clean.

And I can’t overstate the importance of this enough: after shaving, or not, moisturize. Use a moisturizing cream for oily skin, a lotion for normal skin, and a skin toner or gel if your skin is dryer. Using a shower shaving mirror is great for your skin, but we’ll get to that later.


How Can I Improve My Grooming Skills?

We’ve talked about the whys and we’ve covered some essential products and skincare, but how else can we improve grooming standards? Well, like most things, it’s true to say that practice makes perfect. It’s hard to issue any hard and fast orders here because everyone’s different. Over time you will learn what works for you. If you’re using a cream to moisturize but your skins getting itchy, you’re learning that you have dry skin. So you change to a toner, and you choose soap and shaving foam that suits you better too.


If you’re trimming your beard but can’t get the right shape, maybe you ask the barber, or maybe you ask YouTube. There is a world of men's grooming tips to be had. With a little trial and error, and some backup research you’ll find the right grooming regime for you.


How Important Is Self Grooming In Achieving Success?

Is it a coincidence that so many successful people seem to always be impeccably turned out? Projecting an image of a man who’s got his stuff together can have a huge impact on how others perceive you. And let’s be honest, if you want to be successful in life, you’re not going to do it alone. What people think of you matters.

To get ahead in life, you’re going to need other people to believe in you the way you believe in yourself, maybe even more. Having your grooming game on point is a must if you’re ambitious. The kind of guy who uses a bathroom organizer, for example, is the kind of guy who’s on top of the rest of his life.


Beard Care Tips: How To Keep Your Beard Groomed

If you let your beard fall into disrepair then you can pretty quickly start looking a little bit hobo. However, a well-groomed beard is one of the finest things a man can possess. So, how do you keep your beard groomed? Easy. If you don’t have a beard, the answer is: shave. Grab that razor out of your razer mug holder (or whatever razor holder you use) and do your thing. Read our post on The Art of Shaving for more.


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If you prefer a more hirsute face however, learning how to take care of your beard is a must. First, wash it. You can use the same shampoo for your head. Beard oil is essential to keep your beard hydrated and smelling great. There are many electronic beard trimmers available to keep it in shape, which is great in the time before you can see the barber: but having it professionally cut once in a while is a great option too.

Get Organized In The Shower For A Faster Morning Routine

Whatever your routine is, getting your shower organized will buy you time every day. Your very own shower organizer means everything you need is waiting for you in the shower, saving you precious moments in the morning. No more fumbling around in cabinets looking for your nail clippers. There is no end of options: shower racks are great, as are over the door bathroom organizers. A shower hanger will work better in smaller spaces, for example, or even a simple razor blade holder will save space and streamline your morning routine.

Personally, for shower organization, I think The 4-In-1 Bathroom Storage Tile Series is hard to beat. Provides you with a toothbrush holder, razor hanger, a multi-purpose hook for your towel or clothes, plus a magnet tile where you can store all those fiddly little bits like tweezers and clippers.


Purchase A Fogless Shower Mirror

One great option to really cut down on the time spent grooming in the morning is to buy a fogless shower mirror. That’s right: you can fit a crystal clear, shatterproof mirror in your shower to shave, to shape your beard or just to have a long hard look at that man in the mirror. And no matter how hot the shower, the coated polycarbonate surface will never steam up. Buying a fog-free shower mirror might just change your life.

For shaving, they are a godsend, not just for accuracy and avoiding those little razor cuts. The heat and hot steam will soften your bristles, making shaving easier and smoother. It also opens your pores, softening your skin and improving the effectiveness of your post shave moisturizer. I recommend this guy, The Oliver & Mason Set, which pairs an anti-fog mirror with a shower razor hook. The silicone grip system means it’s super easy to fit and secure.



Organize Your Dopp Kit

Having your bathroom and shower organized is great, but it doesn’t help when you’re on the road. That’s where your Dopp Kit comes into play. But wait: what is a Dopp Kit? It was invented by leatherworker Charles Doppelt in the 1900s, just in case you were wondering why it’s called a Dopp Kit.

The correct way to pack it/what to pack in it will depend on you. You might just grab the rest from your shower, or maybe if you’re away a lot (like me) you’ll keep one of these packed at all times. I even keep a travel razor holder in mine so my shower set up can move with me.

If you want to know more, check out our post on “The Right Way To Pack A Dopp Kit”.

If you don’t have one already, this is a must-have, so check out the Koby Bag and The Koby Mini. Time to get your travel grooming act together.  


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Well, I hope now I’ve cleared up a few of those burning questions and you understand that for guys, grooming is a must. With a little bit of know-how and my best grooming tips for men, you can not only get yourself looking and feeling your best but save yourself time into the bargain. And trust me, if you follow me on this, you’ll see benefits in all areas of your life – so from now on, you’ve got no excuses. Get organized with the stylish range of bathroom organizers from Tooletries. Life is too short to be digging around for your razor every damn day.

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