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Top 5 Uses for the Koby

Posted on December 06 2016

We all know the Koby is great for home and travel use. But did you know that it's good at other things too?!  Here are the Top 5 Alternate Uses For The Koby Bag. 
pool goggle case

What's the worst thing about going to the gym or pool? If you said "there not being enough people casually pretending to be working out and instead just taking selfies" you'd be wrong. (If that was your answer, Dante created a 10th "circle" just for you.)  The correct answer is having to put your personal belongings in a locker that has been damp with other people's sweat since 1978.  Cloth and fabric would just soak up the disgusting remnants of thousands of workouts. The Koby isn't made of cloth OR fabric. It's made of heavy duty silicone; which makes it great at keeping liquids out and personal belongings safe.

moutain bike travel bag
2. Bike Repair Kit

You're biking deep in the woods (for some unknown reason) and your front tire gets a flat. You:

A.) Drop to your knees and curse the heavens with an overly dramatic fist shake towards the sky.

B.) Make a mental note not to tell your mom because "she knew this would happen."

C.) Open your backpack and pull out your Koby filled with repair tools. 

D.) All of the above.

Then Answer is D (with C being the most correct.)
beach travel bag
You know how it takes 4-6 years to get all of the sand out of your beach bag? No matter how hard you shake, there's always a few granules left at the bottom. It's a problem that billions face every year. The Koby's easy clean feature makes this universal problem a thing of the past- just turn it inside out and run it under a faucet to get out any unwanted sand! 
large pink pencil case
4. Pencil Case on Steroids

10 pencils, 5 blue pens, 2 red pens, 3 highlighters, 10 more pencils, 1 graphing calculator, a stack of sticky notes, and 2 of those markers that are supposed to smell like fruit...The average school supply list can be daunting. Not only do you have to spend hard earned money on the same things every year, but you have to find somewhere to put it all! The Koby is designed large enough to hold all of your school supplies and rugged enough to last the abuses of schooling. 
rugged emergency kit
5. Emergency Kit

Being stranded is no fun. Being stranded without an emergency kit is more than no's the setup to every horror movie made in the 80's.  Fill up a Koby with a flare, tire repair kit, flashlight, disposable camera, and protein bar and you can avoid a real life scary movie.


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