27 Small Bathroom Storage Hacks

If you have limited bathroom space, you know how difficult it can be just trying to fit everything in. If you’re tired of clutter, mess and worse, rooting around in the back of cupboards for your tweezers, then I’ve come up with 27 storage hacks just for you (and your bathroom). From DIY to repurposed kitchenware, whatever your budget or skill set, I’m sure you’ll find something of use.


1. Hanging Baskets

No, not the type you might find in a quaint garden. Easy to fit (so long as you own a screwdriver), using baskets as hanging bathroom storage looks great and provides a stylish space bathroom storage solution. Think of it as a basket wall organizer. I think these make a perfect space for the less attractive bathroom items. So you can throw away the toilet paper box because with hanging baskets they can be tucked away in a stylish toilet paper organizer. And no one needs to know.


2. Bathroom Caddy

If you have spaces where it's hard to keep things organized, or perhaps an under sink cupboard where things can roll away, then this is perfect. Try storing your things in a shower caddy to keep them all together in one place. This looks a lot neater and will mean you can keep everything together. A bathroom storage organizer will also allow you to keep your razor, toothbrush and toothpaste organized. Try a toilet caddy for shampoos and shower gels, and another for moisturizers and hair products.


3. Wall Shower Organizer

Short of space for all the things you need when you’re in the shower? This wall toiletries organizer is one of my favorite shower storage solutions. Not only a great way of freeing up space elsewhere in the bathroom but a time saver in the mornings too. Everything you need will already be waiting for you in the shower organizer already, and you’ll thank yourself for your foresight. With models that work as a suction cup shower organizer, you won’t even have to get the drill out for this one. Try The James & Oliver Set for the perfect wall shower organizer that will let you shave in the shower.


4. Use A 2-Tiered Stand To Store Toiletries

two tiered stand bathroom storage
Credit: Golden Boys & Me

Golden Boys & Me had the brilliant idea of using this sleek two-tiered stand they found in the supermarket kitchen aisle to keep their bathroom organized and tidy. This is one of the more resourceful master bathroom ideas I’ve seen and looks simply stunning. It’s an easy and cheap way of storing all of your toilet essentials. This also keeps your surfaces clean and uncluttered, leaving an extra shelf for your bathroom accessories.


5. Build A Ladder For Over The Toilet Storage

Credit: Tinsel & Wheat

Using a ladder-shaped construction above the toilet might sound like a pretty odd thing to do but think about it. Instead of simply dead space above your toilet, you can use the space either side to support two or more shelves. Great if you have spare wood and want cheap bathroom storage. Miranda from Tinsel & Wheat has generously shared a tutorial and build plan for an above toilet storage ladder and it’s both stylish and practical. If you’re looking for DIY bathroom organization, this is the one. All you need to do is imagine a ladder leaning against the toilet, with the ‘steps’ acting as shelves. Lean the legs where you want them to mark and measure to get the angles right. Then drill holes in the legs for your shelves, drill the shelves, and fit them. This is such a creative and stylish small bathroom storage idea!


6. Add Floating Shelves Over The Toilet

diy shelves bathroom storageCredit: The Merry Thought

We loved The Merry Thought’s DIY Bathroom Shelves tutorial! Another great option, especially good if you have walls enclosing the toilet as often found in smaller restrooms. This one is another of the more hands-on DIY bathroom cupboard storage ideas. Fitting in some over toilet shelves will free up plenty of room to store toilet rolls, handwash, or whatever else you need, meaning you can unclutter the floor and the sink areas. Not many people think to place their bathroom organizer over the toilet. All you'll need are the shelves cut to size and brackets, and you’ll have a chic-looking storage space just above your toilet.


7. Use A Bathroom Organizer Cabinet

bathroom space saving storageCredit: Old Salt Farm

If you’re not a DIY guy or you just don’t have the time, you might find it easier to buy a bathroom organizer cabinet and simply fit this above your toilet (or wherever else you have some free wall space). Old Salt Farm added an adorable bathroom storage cabinet above their toilet. A ready-made toilet cabinet means less work and you know it was designed with the bathroom in mind. It also has the advantage that you can buy it in a color that already suits your other bathroom fixtures. Styling-wise, this is one of the easiest bathroom cupboard storage solutions.


8. DIY Bathroom Organizer

before and after diy bathroom storageCredit: Just A Girl And Her Blog

Have a storage space underneath your sink but it’s ugly and full of pipes? Abby from Just A Girl And Her Blog suggests using cardboard boxes for DIY bathroom cabinet organization in her tutorial here. Covering bathroom organizers in wrapping paper means that you can make a once-ugly space into a stylish storage option. It’s a super cheap and easy way of solving your storage problems and improving the looks of your bathroom. And if you think cardboard won’t do it, you can source wooden or plastic boxes to create the same effect. Time to get creative with one of my favorite bathroom cabinet ideas.


9. Use A Rolling Cart

You’re really short on bathroom storage cabinets. Or perhaps even you have already used these but have so much stuff you still need storage. Consider using a rolling cart for extra storage. Especially good for towels, toilet rolls, or other things you’d like to slide out of the way! Available in most department stores for a range of uses, this is one of my ‘think outside of the box’ bathroom cupboard storage solutions. Keep your eye out when shopping and you should be able to find something that will fit your space.


10. DIY Bathroom Shelves

charming bathroom storage shelfCredit: Houseful Of Handmade

Another winner for the book of DIY bathroom organization ideas. Houseful Of Handmade shared this charming farmhouse bathroom storage shelf and even included the build plans. If you have the means and the resources, it makes perfect sense to make your own shelving unit. After all, you know the exact size you need it to be. With some simple measuring, you can design a simple unit to solve your storage problems. Either source the correct size pieces of wood and work it from there, or if you have a jigsaw get cutting!


11. Use Bathroom Towel Hooks

rustic bathroom storage hooksCredit: Liz Marie Blog

How about some incredible-looking DIY bathroom hooks? Liz Marie Blog made this charming set of rustic bathroom towel hooks that would make a statement in any bathroom. If you’re short on space in your bathroom, hooks can save a ton of space. You can buy them individually if you only need a few. If you need more, buy ready-made hooks (especially good if they’re mounted on wood) and then screw 4-5 these to an offcut of wood (which you can choose to fit your bathroom). And voila! A multi-hook rack with a rustic feel to keep your towels off the floor. On the wall or bathroom door, hooks are great anywhere.


12. Get A Tiered Makeup Organizer

Not dissimilar to our first suggestion, why not try repurposing a makeup wall organizer with all of your male bathroom things? There’s a lot we can learn from the fairer sex and when it comes to storage that’s certainly true. These are available all over the internet and in most home stores and you’ll be surprised how convenient and handy they can be. Use each level for different products or one for your grooming things and another for your toilet roll. You’ll figure it out.


13. Use A Turntable

Just to be clear, we’re not suggesting you repurpose your Technics 1220’s, just in case there are any DJs reading. Even my bath storage ideas aren’t that cool. A spinning storage solution which means you can maximize any small space on the side in your bathroom, and ensuring you can access whatever it is you need simply by spinning the turntable. So you need never waste time digging around in the back of your cupboards again, just spin the wheel and you're good to go.


14. Magnetic Bathroom Organizer

If you think you don’t have any free space in your cupboards, why not use stick on magnetic organizers to attach any metal bathroom accessories? Perfect for storing scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, or even your razor. These can be attached anywhere, so why not utilize the miracle of magnetism in your bathroom? Stick them inside your cupboards and turn the otherwise useless backboard as a spot to store all those fiddly little bits you normally lose at the bottom of your wash bag. The Archer, our magnet mount, is a great way to keep your metal items within reach at all times.


15. Place Toiletries On A Tray

You’re not just looking to get organized, you need to keep your sides clean. Using a tray is an obvious but surprisingly effective way of keeping your stuff all together and organized. Done well this can add a stylish touch to your wash space. You can also use this to keep the sides clean, and even store the tray in a cupboard when it’s not in use. Keeps your sides clean and tidy and when the tray needs cleaning, simply offload the toiletries and run the tap. Great if you’re short on cupboards or shower shelves.


16. Put Towels In Baskets Under The Sink

bathroom sink organization basket

If you’re stuck for proper storage for towels you’ve probably just folded them and put them on the side. Like I have. Fine for now, but it’s taking up space which could be better used. Why not buy a few baskets and use these to store towels in the space under your sink? It’s stylish, convenient and it’s cost effective. Not a lot wrong with that combination, I hope you agree.


17. Stick Organizers On The Inside Of Cabinet Doors

If you’re struggling for space then you might be missing a trick. All of that blank space on the inside of the cabinet door can be repurposed to create more storage space. Simply stick organizers to the inside of the doors (taking care to be sure they still close) and you’ll create space for brushes, toothbrushes, maybe a beard trimmer and whatever else you need. That frees up space in your cabinets to keep anything else that’s not yet accommodated.

18. Over The Door Bathroom Organizer

When you’re looking for more space in your bathroom, the one bit of dead space you might not have spotted is the bathroom or shower door. A shower organizer on the door could create all the extra storage space you need. With so many doors to hang from, you could use the bathroom door, shower door or any other large door which isn’t yet making itself useful.


19. Tiered Shower Shelf

If you don’t have a surface to fit a wall organizer, there are worse ideas than opting for a freestanding Tiered shower shelf. Simply put it where you want it and load on all your shower essentials. It has all the benefits of the wall organizer but may even provide a little more storage. And if you get tired of it being in one corner, just pick it up and move it. Variety is the spice of life after all.


20. Toilet Paper Baskets Over The Toilet

hanging basket bathroom organization

In much the same way that we suggested you hang baskets to keep the less desirable bathroom items out of view, why not hang baskets over the toilet for your toilet paper? Not only a stylish touch that should improve the looks of your bathroom but super convenient for the moments you need that toilet paper ASAP. And the best thing is, no one needs to know what’s in there if you have closed baskets. The perfect spot for your toilet paper reserves.


21. Wall Mounted Laundry Hamper

Maybe you’re the kind of guy who stores his laundry on the floor, but whether you are or aren’t I’m sure you can see the benefit of a wall mounted laundry hamper. A great way of freeing up floor space (from a floor hamper or maybe just a pile of clothes). Also keeps your laundry out of sight, and if you don’t think that’s important, I’m suggesting that maybe you should. The perfect laundry basket for small bathroom usage.


22. Rolling Laundry Caddy

If you're not sold on that idea, or perhaps you just don't have space on the wall to pull it off, a rolling laundry caddy could be the solution you need. Dump your laundry in there when it’s ready and then just roll it away, maybe in into another cupboard or just out of sight. That way no one needs to see your smalls when they come to visit. Another ingenious idea from the master small bathroom organizer. No need to keep the laundry basket in the bathtub anymore!


23. Bathroom Sink Shelf

bathroom organization shlef

If you don’t already have one, fitting a shelf above your washbasin is a great storage solution. The perfect place to keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, in fact, all of that everyday stuff which is currently clogging up your sink space. When you consider you only need to drill a couple of holes and weigh that up versus the space created, such a perfect bathroom sink organizer is a no brainer.


24. Bathroom Shelf With Hooks

You’re short on space, you need a shelf to put your things, but you also need somewhere to hang your towels. No need to toss a coin though: fitting a bathroom shelf with hooks attached will kill both of these birds with one stone. A towel shelf with hooks is a great solution for small bathrooms. It means your things have a place to live and your towels don’t need to reside on the floor either.


25. Suction Cup Razor Holder

If you need a place to put your razor, a suction cup razor holder is a great solution. Why use a razer mug holder? Well, it’s easy to fit, and easy to move as well. A razor blade holder uses up unused wall space leaving more space elsewhere for all your other bathroom essentials. If your shaving gear is still taking up precious room on your bathroom side, try The Mason razor holder instead to save on space.  Our patent pending silicone grip technlogy is way better than suction and lasts longer.


26. Hanging Shower Organizer

If you’re maxed out on shelving already or you simply have nowhere left to put any more up, a hanging shower organizer will allow you to keep all of your shower essentials right where you need them. A perfect shower shampoo holder. Especially good if you have shower surfaces that are free. with so many available on the market you’re sure to find something perfect for your shower, whatever the dimensions or size.


27. Over Bath Storage

bathroom organization rack

Finally, if you have a bath (lucky you) but no room left to store your things, you might want to think about using some of that bath space for storage. Luckily, I don’t mean just throw your things in there. An over bath rack is not only super handy for when you decide to have a soak, but it’s also one of the best bath storage ideas. I think of it as a multi-use bathtub caddy. With so many designs on the market, you’ll be spoilt for choice finding the right fit for you.

I hope you can see that there is no reason to despair in your smaller bathroom. With a little creativity and very little spending, there are so many bathroom storage solutions that the real problem is going to be deciding which of these ideas suits you, and your bathroom, the best.

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