The Right Way To Pack A Dopp Kit

When going through airport security, there is nothing more disheartening (apart from your sports team losing over the weekend) than to watch security take your toiletry bag apart and throwing your new bottle of cologne in the trash. Besides holding up the queue at security, it will cause you more stress which is never a good look. Don’t be that guy.

Being organized ensures you are never rushed or lose your cool. Having everything in order will help you focus on the trip, whether it is a weekend away or that really important business trip.


As a general rule I have 2 sizes of Dopp kits, one for a last-minute weekend away, and a larger one for my business trips.


What Size Dopp Kit Do You Need?

#1 rule… don’t go too large. Plan ahead. If you are going to fly, make sure it is a TSA approved, quart-sized bag. I’m packing for optimum speed, space and weight.



The best Dopp bag is portable and can be stored in your carry-on luggage, so don’t bother packing your large bottle of shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

If a travel size isn’t available in your favorite brand, fill a small container/vial to ensure you get it through airport security.


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Every Man Jack sells a travel kit that includes body wash, deodorant, shave cream and face lotion.

With the TSA rules on liquid, I have started buying more solid products, like soaps, shave bars and cologne. Try Duke Cannon’s new solid cologne range.


Dopp Kit Essentials

I only take what I need. I focus on packing only what I use daily, if I haven’t used the product in the last month, it stays behind, apart from medications like paracetamol and antacid.


Ensure everything you pack can be securely closed, there is nothing worse than getting to your destination and having your items covered in charcoal activated toothpaste.

Also ensure your travel toiletry bag is waterproof and leak proof, to keep your toiletry items from leaking onto the rest of your luggage.


How Do You Pack A Dopp Kit?

Here’s my list of the top 10 men’s toiletries that I pack in my toiletry bag:

1. Body Wash

Whether it’s a bar of soap or a small vial of my favorite body wash, this is an absolute essential. Hotel soaps are packed with alcohol and additives and dry my skin out. I pack just enough to see me through my trip.

A smooth complexion is a boost in confidence. 

2 & 3. Shampoo, Conditioner & Styling Products

Invest in a travel size bottle of your favorite shampoo or fill a vial with your product. Going on a trip does not mean you should compromise on quality. Hotel shampoo and conditioner could wreak havoc with your hair and cause damage that will take weeks to repair. I recommend Blackwood For Men.

I also keep a small container of dry shampoo in my kit, it is a lifesaver after a long flight and gives me a quick spruce up when I need it. 

4. Comb

A good metal comb should be enough to get you through, plus you can use it for facial hair too. 

5. A Good Quality Razor And Shaving Cream

(If flying, do not pack the razor in your hand luggage.) For a smooth shave, invest in a good quality razor. Forget cheap plastic disposable razors – they just create waste. Investing in a good reusable razor will give you a product that you can use time and time again, only having to replace the part you need. As a bonus, spare blades can be found all over the world. Try Harry’s razor set or Ernest's shaving box.


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6. Toothpaste And A Foldable Toothbrush

A good folding toothbrush will assist with 2 things:

  • Save space
  • Keep the bristles clean

7. Deodorant

No need to pack your large bottle of aerosol, a small roll-on stick deodorant or antiperspirant will do the trick.

8. Ear Plugs

Perfect for planes, trains and hotels - you never know if 4B is going to be a snorer. It is the easiest way to get some peace and quiet, keeping you at your best for that important business deal.

9. Medication

Keep your prescription medication neatly packed, along with Paracetamol, anti-histamines, and antacids. 

10. Lint Roller

You should have no excuse always looking your best, even after a long journey. Brush off your suit with a lint roller to ensure your appearance matches your ambition. 

What Is The Best Dopp Kit?

Looking for the best men’s leather toiletry bag? Take The Koby Bag on your next holiday. It’s TSA-approved, made of 100% silicone, looks like leather and prevents any spills. Going on a weekend trip? The Koby Mini will hold everything you need in a smaller version. Get organized today with a Dopp kit of your very own.

Click Here To Watch The Video - How To Pack Your Koby Bag

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