Best Men's Grooming Kit

Men’s grooming routines have changed. It used to be you’d maybe have a soap dish, razor mug holder, and your toothbrush holder—and perhaps a comb, shower mirror, and some aftershave. Grooming tips for men back then included keeping your face clean-shaven and your hair neat. It was a simpler time. Nowadays, there’s a lot more to grooming men. We haven’t reached the ladies’ level of prep, but we’re gaining.

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The razor is the mens grooming equivalent of waxing for women. You need a reliable, high-quality razor. Even for five o’clock shadow, you’ve got to have a razor to neaten things up. You’ll also need a top-notch razor holder; choose one that allows the blades to dry thoroughly when not in use. Those old razer cup holders are problematic. Finding space on the counter is hard, and cleaning that razor blade holder is no fun.

Here’s an idea…have you ever thought about shaving in the shower? This gem is one of our best men's grooming tips to save time—simply get a fogless shower mirror and shower organizer. (These are great gift ideas, too!) And with products like The Harvey and Oliver Set, it’s easy. This bathroom organizer set from Tooletries has a fog-free shaving mirror in its upper panel while the lower panel can be used as a shower razor holder as well as a toothpaste and toothbrush holder combo.


Click here for The Harvey & Oliver Set

It’s hands down one of the best bathroom organizers for grooming for men. (Did I mention that it’s not only fog-free, but there’s a shatterproof mirror in that top panel?)

And why not put your toothbrush and toothpaste holder in there, too? Save more time by brushing your teeth while showering.


Shaving Kit

Okay—so you have the best razor and razor holder. Let’s review the necessary toiletries:

· Shaving Cream or Oil: To reduce friction.

· Face Scrub: Another of our top men’s grooming tips. Use daily before shaving. It unclogs pores and removes excess skin for a closer shave.

· After Shave: It smells good, helps ward off infection if you’ve nicked yourself, soothes sensitive skin, and prevents rashes. I like the Every Man Jack Shaving Kit. It’s reasonably priced and gets you a close shave—and it will fit in your shower rack. Want some tips on how to shave? Check out our post, “The Art Of Shaving - Tips On How To Shave.


Shampoo and Soap

Men typically use whatever shampoo they can find. But why should the ladies get the luscious locks? For run-your-fingers-through-it hair, choose a good shampoo and conditioner.


The Benjamin Soap Holder

A shower soap dispenser can easily be used as a shampoo dispenser as well. Look for a hands-free soap dispenser, so you don’t have to fiddle with lids.

Bar soap can save space in the shower. All you need is a simple bar soap holder or soap caddy. Like shampoo, you can put body wash in a liquid soap dispenser. I like the sleek look of The Benjamin, our silicone soap holder. It’s masculine and takes up hardly any room..


Hair Styling Products

Whether you want to keep your comb-over tidy or make a style statement, you need styling products. Try hair clay, pomade, gel, texturizer...there are many options.

So—where to store all of these products? An over the door bathroom organizer is a solid solution. Placing a bathroom organizer over toilet also maximizes space, especially if you’ve got a small bathroom.

And if you have a tiny bathroom, a shower hanger or shower racks could work, too. Check storage instructions for products you want to stash there, though. If they’re heat-sensitive, shower organizers are not ideal.


Signature Scent

So many men grooming tips reviews ignore the importance of a signature scent. Think about it – women have so many options when it comes to grooming. Men need some way to stand out, too. Scent is an essential part of that.

I keep two bottles of aftershave in rotation. Sometimes I even go whole hog and use the matching body wash and deodorant, which layers the scent and keeps me smelling better for longer.

Being able to smell stale sweat is the pits. And speaking of pits—keep them smelling fresh all day by using a good antiperspirant. To learn more about male grooming tips and streamlining your routine, check out our post, “The Perfect Morning Grooming Routine.” Here, we’ll focus on assembling the perfect men’s grooming kit.


Men’s Skincare

In his last few movies, Clint Eastwood didn’t look a day over ninety-five. Considering he’s now only 89, that’s a crying shame. And while I can’t imagine Clint using a face scrub or moisturizer, think what he’d look like today if he’d had a killer skincare routine!

Our skin takes a beating. Skin cancer is far more common than you think—all it takes is a few instances of too much exposure to the sun. It’s crucial for each of us to wear sunscreen every day.

Adding a daily scrub to your regime can prevent ingrown hairs and ensure a closer shave. And if you’re going to go to all that trouble for male grooming, then you might as well finish off with an SPF moisturizer.


Dopp Kit

If you’re asking, “What is a Dopp kit?” don’t worry. I just learned the answer myself despite having owned one for years. Put simply, it’s a travel toiletry bag.

The Koby Mini

The Koby Mini


Why Is It Called A Dopp Kit?

Dopp kits are named after their inventor, Charles Doppelt. They became a household name when the U.S. government issued them to WWII soldiers. The original Dopp kit was called a Doppelt Kit; this was shortened later.

Nowadays, we refer to a Dopp kit meaning a travel bag – usually waterproof.


What Is The Correct Way To Pack It/ What To Pack In It?

Dopp kit contents depend on your needs. Dopp kit essentials usually include your razor, deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Some even have a pocket for condoms.



This kit of essentials for proper grooming makes a great gift, I might add. The right way to pack it? As light as possible. If you’re looking for a basic kit, I’d recommend the following:

· The Koby Bag: It’s made from silicone—totally waterproof.

· The Koby Mini: A smaller version of the Koby, for short trips or the gym.

To learn more about Dopp kits, check out our post, “The Right Way To Pack A Dopp Kit.


The Koby Bag

You need to use the right tools to attain grooming perfection. View the Tooletries range of unique bathroom storage products here. With the information that I’ve given you in this article, you can always look suave and sophisticated—just like yours truly!

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