Master Bathroom Ideas For The Perfect Master Bath

When I’m working, I devote my full attention to the task at hand. When I’m relaxing, I deserve to do the same. That’s why I’ve spent a lot of time working on perfecting my bathroom—it is my perfect stress-free zone.

What’s the perfect master bathroom without a stylish and functional bathroom organizer? Definitely consider bathroom storage as one of the key parts of your bathroom design. It took a while to get the perfect blend of style and functionality. With that in mind, I’ve covered some popular master bathroom remodel ideas and trends. These will make big waves in 2019, but the classic styles won’t look dated, even after a few years. Check out the master bath decorating ideas below—there’s something for everyone.


Master Bathroom Organization

suction toothbrush holder

Stuck for ideas for bathroom storage in a small bathroom? Instead of a soap dish for shower, consider making use of a bar soap holder that's removable and conveniently positioned on your shower wall.

Always pressed for time in the mornings? You need a shower holder for your toothbrush so you can cut down on your morning routine. This suction toothbrush holder can be easily removed at any time and sticks to any glossy surfaces.

Looking for a toiletries holder? We recommend The James for all your bathroom organization needs. Install it in the shower or at your sink and keep your everyday toiletries at hand. The best master bathrooms are neatly organized, clutter-free and easy to clean. Don't forget to get top tips on small bathroom storage with our helpful guide.


Make a Big Impression

Make a big splash in smaller spaces. Think large designs and daring wallpaper. Choose a statement wall in a smaller bathroom and make it a piece of art. Be daring and give a small space a lot of attitude.


Stick with Neutrals

If you can afford to redo your bathroom every year, skip this trend for something more exciting. I have to say, though, neutrals in the bathroom do make sense. There’s nothing like a neutral or monochromatic color palette to scream “spa” experience.

Think in terms of beige, or a classic green, but use different shades of the same color. Modernize the look by sticking to one type of material or color throughout. For example, if you’ve decided on marble flooring, carry those tiles through to the wall as well.


Get Statement Bath Accessories

 A cruddy razor mug holder just won't cut it (literally) as part of your sleek master bathroom decor ideas. You'll need a matching toiletries organizer in an equally-sleek design, not to mention a fog free shower mirror. How about a wall mounted shampoo dispenser? A shower caddy will keep all your bathroom accessories within easy reach. Bathroom shower shelves aren't a bad idea, but be careful with those glass shower shelves. Ultimately, the way you choose to have your toiletries storage is entirely up to you.


Brave Black

black master bath ideas

You need to be brave to pull this one off. Using mainly black is a look that is bold, to say the least. At the same time, though, darker tones scream luxury and elegance. Our razor blade holder in navy is sure to match a dark palette.

It’s a look that won’t suit everyone's tastes, but it’s a statement for sure.


An Industrial Look

This trend is another one not everyone will appreciate. If you like a more industrial milieu, why not carry it through to the bathroom? Leave some of the plumbing exposed, for example, and complete the look with clean, white marble.


Gunmetal and Pewter

A faucet is a faucet, right? Not any more. If you’re not keen on super shiny chrome, then gunmetal and pewter are a great update to the fittings.

They’ve got more character and look modern compared to gold or brass. They’re also much easier to keep clean than regular chrome. Don't forget to get the perfect shower soap holder in navy to match those dark colors.


Swap Your Mirror for a View

Be honest, how much time do you really spend in front of that bathroom mirror? Naturally, you want to make sure your face and hair look good, but your bedroom mirror will suffice.

If you’ve got a great view, swap the vanity mirror for a window instead. You’re bound to want to spend more time brushing your teeth in front of it—and natural light is awesome. Now that you've got no vanity mirror, consider installing a fogless shower mirror and toothbrush and toothpaste holder combo in your shower to speed up your morning routine.


Go Open Concept

Our space is constantly shrinking. How much privacy do you really need in your own master bathroom, though? Open things out and maximize your space.

Why not consider extending the shower to your balcony? Naturally, you’ll want to have some sort of barrier between you and the outside world. You don’t necessarily want your neighbors ogling you. That said, nothing is stopping you having a shower out in the open air if the climate allows for it.


Think Drama in the Powder Room

pink master bath decor

If you have a separate powder room, think about adding a lot of drama there. It’s in right now to use bold prints and wallpaper. Think bright and dramatic – like hot pink or luxe gold accents.

The upside is it can be changed out later.


Make a Statement

This is the year of the art lover. Who says that you can’t hang a beautiful piece of art in the bathroom? Make it a focal point and place it somewhere you can see it while you’re relaxing in the tub.

Obviously, it’s important to consider the condition of the art. This is NOT the place to hang a priceless Monet. The steam and temperatures in the bathroom are going to do more harm than good.

A good copy, however, is another story.


Grey and White Marble

Marble has always been a design classic. It’s timeless, beautiful, and easy to maintain. This year the trend is leaning toward using white marble with gray veining. It’s easy to match with any décor and blends seamlessly with your fixtures.


Create Your Own Spa

master bath designs

What most of us need more than anything else is a place to unwind. Create a perfect space in your bathroom by choosing neutral colors and elegant fixtures. Think in terms of steam showers, spa baths, and so on.

Go for a minimalist look so you can focus solely on the relaxation.


Forget Tiles

Another trend proving timeless is the move away from tiles and grouting. The modern bathroom features slabs of marble without a speck of grouting to pick up dirt and get dingy. The marble is sandblasted to make it non-slip, and even the drains are hidden.


Infrared Saunas

Personally, I don’t think I could have one of these in my bathroom. If I did, I’d never want to leave. The benefit of an infrared sauna is that you don’t need as much space as you do with the more traditional options.



concrete beautiful bathroom ideas

This surface has an organic look to it. It might be described as cold, too, but when paired with the right elements, the result is stunning.

Think concrete and wood, or concrete enhanced with resin. It’s an updated version that has a more luxurious feel to it.


Art Deco

This is a stylish way to go without being overly fussy. You get all the old-world glamour and none of the finicky side bits. Think angular designs, bold geometry, and crisp lines.

See, I told you that there’d be something for everyone. Some of the trends are a little out there, to be sure. I’m not sure that I’m ready for a black bathroom just yet. Or, for that matter, a hot pink soak pad. I quite like the move towards art deco and the incorporation of more natural space and light.

Overall, these are trends that we don’t see disappearing any time soon. If you're looking for the perfect set of bathroom storage organizers for your master bath, check out Tooletries' range of shower organizers here.

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