10 Loft Bathroom Ideas

The low walls and sloped ceilings in your loft don’t have to be a total waste of space. On the contrary, they’re ideal for providing a smart, well-appointed bathroom with attic storage solutions. In this post, we’ll go over some ideas of how you can change a waste of space into a stunning feature point in your home with some attic bathroom ideas. We'll also show you how to organize your bathroom.


1. Consider Creating a Wet Room

A wet room is a perfect solution for those smaller spaces. It will also save you some money on materials. Start off with a fully tiled floor, that way, it doesn’t matter if you’re clomping around with wet feet.

Install a toilet as normal but stick to clean lines and a toilet tank that’s hidden. If this is your main bathroom, you’ll also want a vanity. A shower caddy will hold everything you need in terms of bath accessories. I suggest getting a floating vanity, so if you decide to practice your best leopard crawl, you’ll have plenty of room.

Benefits of Having a Wet Room

· Saves you space: Instead of having a separate shower and preparation area, these are combined into one. Install a single glass panel if you would like some separation. Overall, though, you don’t need much space at all.

· Perfect for loft spaces: Prop the shower up against the tallest wall and install windows on the sloped ones. This ensures perfect lighting and a shower with a view.

wet room

Things to Consider with Your Wet Room

Here are some additional tips for the perfect wet room:

· Waterproofing is essential: The waterproofing will extend across the floor and up the wall.

· Plan the drainage carefully: The floor needs to slope slightly towards the area where the drain is housed.

· The floor may need strengthening: While this is not a full bathroom, it’s still going to be heavy. You’ll need to ensure the floor and beams underneath are strengthened to cope.

· Consider a wall-mounted toilet: This keeps things looking uncluttered and makes it easier to clean. Also place a bathroom organizer over the toilet or perhaps over toilet shelves to display quaint bathroom decor. An above toilet cabinet is another way to keep things organized.

· Glass is your friend: Since space is limited, glass is ideal because it allows in more light and air.

· Underfloor heating might be a good idea: If you live in a cooler area, a slightly heated floor feels luxurious.

· Tiling: Most wet rooms are tiled throughout. This makes both maintenance and clean-up a breeze. Choose tiles that are classic and elegant for a timeless look that will last forever.

· Place the shower correctly: Your shower should be at the highest point of the room so that you can stand comfortably under it, without having to stoop. Don't forget to plan where to place your corner shower shelves.

· Choose the right palette: Lighter tiles create the feeling of more space. If all the neutrality bugs you, throw in one line of ‘fun’ tiles as an accent piece or bring in a pop of color.

· Storage: Use the lower sections under the eaves to put in convenient storage space. Don't forget to consider bathroom towel storage, bathroom towel hooks are the perfect way to keep your towels within reach. An above toilet cabinet could be a great spot for your bathroom accessories.

 · Bathroom organizers: Use an over the door bathroom organizer to store toiletries. With it hidden behind the door, your bathroom will be kept clean and uncluttered.

 · On a budget? Try DIY bathroom organization ideas or a DIY bath cabinet. 

 · Small bathroom? Bath storage ideas will be key to a minimal bathroom.

 · Makeup storage: Ladies, this one's for you. Consider a dedicated makeup cabinet with accompanying bathroom cabinet organizers for the perfect makeup vanity setup. 


2. Create a Small Half Bath

What if the loft space we’re talking about is nothing more than a tiny room? No problem. Why not look into creating a half-bath concept?

Put in a simple shower and toilet, too. Don't forget space for your shower accessories or some storage furniture like a corner bath storage cabinet. It doesn’t have to make it into Design Digest, but even the tiniest space can be used to great advantage. You don't need a freestanding bathtub or a claw foot tub to create a beautiful bathroom.

If the area is tiny, consider placing a skylight window in the sloping section. This will guarantee a ton of light available in a small space.

In a half bath, there might not be space to install a full vanity. Instead, you could consider a small basin with a bathroom sink shelf above it. A bathroom sink organizer will also help keep your space neat. You will be surprised at the variety of smallest sinks for bathrooms available.


If you can find them, there are plenty of eco-friendly solutions out there, too. In Japan, you’ll often find toilets that have a wash basin built into the tank, for example. When you wash your hands, the water drains into the tank.

It’s a great eco-friendly option that prevents a lot of water being wasted.

Where space is at a premium, consider some sliding doors and other clever tricks to maximize every bit of it. Looking for more small bathroom storage ideas? See our post with 27 Small Bathroom Storage Hacks and find bathroom organizer ideas for small bathrooms.

Why not have a custom-made bathroom cabinet? It fits perfectly along the wall and the sloped side as well. Have it mirrored and make it practical storage that doesn’t take up space. Even better, create a DIY bathroom organizer from materials you already own.

3. Build Storage Pockets

Build onto the eaves for maximum bathroom storage solutions. A custom bathroom storage cabinet would look beautiful built into a sloped wall. Plan to keep laundry in your bathroom? Consider a wall mounted laundry hamper or a laundry caddy to keep things organized. These can also be built into a sloped wall with a slim bathroom cabinet placed above.


3. Exposed Beams

When it comes to a loft bathroom, you have two options: installing a ceiling or leaving the exposed beams in place. The advantage of having the ceiling is that the room becomes easier to heat.

On the other hand, an exposed beam also makes an interesting design feature. It can help the room look spacious and elegant. Even with an exposed beam design, though, you will still want to install ceiling boards.

These are aimed more at hiding the roof and helping to create a more polished look.

You’ll also want to strip the beam down to the bare wood beneath and varnish it again. If you like, you could stain it so that it makes more of a visual impact.

This kind of look works well with rustic, simple décor.


4. Make the Slope Your Feature Wall

Part of the reason those loft spaces are ignored is because of the slope of the wall. Instead of trying to work around it, play it up. Why not make it even more of a feature?

You can do this by painting it in a fashionable color or placing a couple of large windows in it.

Why not use the cozy little space to your advantage by installing a bath? You’ll need to make sure you can get in and out easily, without bumping your head.

If the idea of a bath doesn’t stick, why not consider placing a storage space there? You’ll want to leave at least two-thirds of the wall free to create a feature, but the rest is available.

Divide the space easily by running a shelf all the way around the room.


5. Make it a Shower Cubicle

The first idea when you think of a bathroom is a shower/bath, a vanity, mirrors, and a toilet. What about just making this space a personal shower? Instead of packing the space with a whole lot of features you’ll never use, consider a full-length shower cubicle.


Click Here for The James & Oliver Set

All you really need is your stall, a bit of glass, bath storage and something to heat the room properly. The James & Oliver Set will keep all your bath accessories within reach. If you really want to maximize the space, take the wet room idea from earlier and make it your own. Underfloor heating means the whole room stays cozy all year round.

Besides, you get to shower in style or with someone else in luxurious comfort. What’s not to like about that idea?

Naturally, you’ll also need to figure out where to put your towel so that it doesn’t get wet. The Arnold, reusable towel hooks with silicone grip technology, will position your towels at a convenient spot.


6. Make it a Mediterranean Masterpiece

Think Santorini in summer and off-set vibrant blues with stark white walls. Use a huge, classic-style white bathtub. Complete the look with a few hand-crafted Turkish tiles in different shades of cobalt for the floor.


Alternatively, you could make the floor white and use the more beautiful tiles along the walls. You can always take it up halfway or stop where the loft wall starts to slant.

This is a simple look to pull off, and one that will look amazing in most spaces.


7. Rethink the Lighting

Bathroom lighting doesn’t have to be simple or boring, either. Why not use inlaid spotlighting under the eaves? Or run twinkling strings of lights to create a magical feature.


Look at lighting as a feature and you can completely redefine your space.

Do keep in mind that lighting will need to be properly sealed and protected from the humidity generally found in these perpetually moist spaces.


8. Create a Spa Retreat

This could be your getaway, a “staycation” spot of note. Make it your retreat from the stresses and strains of work.

Keep everything as simple as possible and aim to recreate the calming décor of your favorite day spa.

If you live in a noisy area, consider installing soundproofing so that your bathroom is more of a silent haven. Consider a large tub that you can fit into easily (if you have the space for it). If not, get yourself an awesome shower, possibly even a steam shower!

Find a showerhead with several different nozzles and settings to pummel out the stress. Consider getting music piped into the room, too, to make it even more relaxing.


9. Use Exposed Brick

If you’re lucky enough to have some exposed brick walls up there, why not consider making these into a feature of the space? The upside is that the bricks will go with any color scheme and are maintenance-free. Let some of the face-brick peek out of the plaster to create a lasting impression.


10. Go Really Dark

Generally speaking, the smaller the area, the lighter the color scheme recommended. Lighter colors make space look bigger. If this cheerful ambiance doesn’t work for you, add some drama using dark colors instead.

Splash the walls with a navy to offset the white features. Choose a dark slate color on the walls and floors. Whatever works for you.

dark bathroom

This look can quickly become a beautiful design point. On the plus side, darker colors don’t show the dirt as easily. It is an elegant and dramatic change which will also make the room cozier.

On the downside, the room will definitely look smaller and you’ll need to focus more on lighting. We’d advise a few test colors before you make your final decision. Paint a few different strips and see how the color works in that space.


Final Notes

Hopefully, we’ve given you tons of ideas for your own loft bathroom. There are so many directions to choose from. Will you go dark and mysterious, or light and airy?

The inspiration from this post provides a myriad of different options. The upside of decorating a loft space is there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone needs to look at their own space and decide what works for them.

Another point in your favor here is that your loft bathroom can be a completely private space, away from your guests. Use it to create your own personal oasis (or even a smallish man cave). Add stylish bathroom organizers from Tooletries for the ultimate finishing touches to your loft bathroom. The choice is yours.

It is, after all, your very own space. Get the creative juices flowing and have fun with it!

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