Is Beer Good For Your Hair?

You may have heard people using beer to rinse their hair. Do you know why? Do you know if the beer should be cold, room temperature, or flat? There are reasons to use a beer a week to rinse or condition your hair every week or two. Let's dive into beer hair therapy.

Why Use Beer in Your Hair?

A Glass of Beer

Washing Your Hair With Beer

There are four key reasons to use beer as a rinse or conditioner for your hair.

  1. Natural astringents are found in beer through the hops. They are nor only the thing which gives beer its flavor.
  2. Protein can be found in the malt and hops used in beer making. The proteins found in malt and hops provide strength and nourishment for your hair. The proteins will bind to your hair to help revitalize your hair from the damages caused by straightening, blow drying, and the harsh elements of weather like wind and the rays of the sun.
  3. Acidic pH helps better reflect the light. It helps close and tighten the cuticles of your hair. Too much acidic pH can open the cuticles thus making your hair not look as healthy as it would.

  4. Vitamin B in beer helps tighten the cuticles of your hair which gives your hair the healthy shine everyone would like to have.

How do you get flat beer?

To get the flat beer, it will need to sit out without a cap or with the top popped (canned beer) for at least 4 hours. If you leave it out 10 to 15 minutes and up-to  half an hour. You will have some carbonation left in the beer even after having left it open for half an hour. It may be best to go with flat beer.

Why flat beer?

When the carbonation is left as is, it will turn into hard water when coming into contact with water from your tap or shower head. It will also hamper the cleaning actions of your shampoo and the shampoo will have a harder cleaning your hair.

How would you use the flat beer as a conditioner?

Pour the flat beer into a container, like the ones you can buy in the travel area of your local store in the bathroom.

After shampooing your hair, pour the beer over your hair and massage the beer slowly into the roots and scalp for roughly one minute. Leave in for a few minutes and rinse with cold water.

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How many times a week should you use?

No more than two times a week. If used more than two times, could lead to dry scalp and dandruff.

Can other items be added to help with conditioning of hair?

You can add essential oils or apple cider vinegar to your flat beer to help with healing and creating beautiful hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar (Processed-the clearer brown kind)

Apple cider vinegar helps with the pH level in your hair while removes any buildup,paraffin and other items found in shampoo, while not stripping your hair of its natural oils.

It will help with a dry and itchy scalp because of the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Not only does the pH level help with your hair, but it will also help with the pH level of your scalp. The reason being is one needs a hostile environment due to yeast, fungus, and bacteria that causes dandruff. No one likes dundruff.

It helps detangle for your hair and adds shine to your hair by helping seal the hair cuticle.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

It does not have all the apple remnants removed. This particular apple cider vinegar will look cloudy. You won't be able to use it mister.

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Types of Essential Oils to Add

Sandalwood essential oil is known as a miracle oil when it comes to hair care. It can help with dry hair and repair split ends.

Lavender essential oil not only smells good. It also nourishes and moisturizes your hair. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties can help improve the health of your scalp. I can also help with the growth of your hair.

Chamomile essential oil makes your hair softer and adds extra shine.

Jojoba essential oil moisturizes your scalp and adds nutrients to your hair.

Lemon essential oil is used for extra shine, helps strengthen your hair, and helps rid your scalp of dandruff.

Almond essential oil is good for moisturizing and soothing your scalp.

Be careful of how often you use essential oils in your beer rinses. As they can cause contact dermatitis, redness to an affected area, and can burn, discomfort or painful tingling.

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