Stop Your Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up – Tried and Tested!

When it comes to mirrors, showers are a pain. Perhaps you already bought a shower shaving mirror. It’s 6am, you run the shower hot and try to wake the hell up ... you wash, shampoo, you grab your razor (or your beard comb), but wait: where are you? All you can see in the shower mirror is fog. Is that a gorilla in the mist or is that you? It’s early, and you’ve got places to be: isn’t it time you got a fogless shower mirror?


Why Do Bathroom Mirrors Fog Up While Taking A Shower?  

shaving mirror in white tiled shower

You think: I don’t have time for this. If your shower mirror's for shaving, this is simply not working! Why is this happening? Well, I can tell you. It’s not interesting, but it’ll help you to stop it happening. And you don’t need to be a scientist to understand: the fog is just tiny water droplets which form when the hot steam condenses on the cold surface of the mirror. Obscuring your face in the process.

I’m sure you’ve heard of condensation before, and you’re thinking, fine, but how do I achieve a fog free mirror? Does the fabled anti fog shaving mirror really exist? Yes, it does, but there’s more than one way to do it.  

How Do You Make A Fogless Shower Mirror?

You’ve got two options. You can either make your own no fog mirror, or you can just buy one. It depends what you think will be the best fogless shower mirror for you. That’s right, science has already gone ahead and invented fog proof mirrors with you in mind. But first, if you don't appreciate their hard work creating the anti fog mirror, let’s see what you can do right now to save those precious morning grooming minutes.

There is a bunch of stuff right there at home that you can apply to your mirror to stop the evil fog. So what to put on your mirror to keep it from fogging?

Tooletries Best Fogless Shower Mirror
  1. Shampoo. Yep, good old shampoo, or shaving cream, will do a job in the short term. Just before you shower, apply some to a paper towel and wipe your mirror, or at least the patch you need clear, and then wipe dry. Simple and effective, sure. BUT: you need to do this every time you shower and you need TWICE the amount you’d use to wash your hair (or shave). Good products don’t come cheap, so add that up over a year. And if you don’t wipe it all off thoroughly, you’ll get a blur instead of a fog, not much better. However, if you’re stuck this will create in the short term a fogfree mirror.There is a bunch of stuff right there at home you can apply to your mirror to stop the evil fog. So what to put on your mirror to keep it from fogging?
  2. Vinegar. More cost-effective, simply mix one part vinegar to one part water and wipe away. It’ll keep your mirror clear, but again you need to do this every day, which means more time spent not on concentrating on you in the morning. I’d argue that vinegar might not be the smell you want in your nostrils first thing in the day, especially if you’ve been out the night before, and over time your bathroom might end up smelling a bit sour. But you will have a no fog shower mirror.
  3. Dish Soap. By now you’re getting the hang of this I hope, and yeah you’re right, mix with water and apply to the mirror, then repeat every morning, until you rattle off this mortal coil (or stop showering, whichever comes first I guess). Steamless mirror, sure, but a lot of work to go with it.

Sure, there are ways of making your own fog free shaving mirror; but weren’t we just saying we didn’t have time for all this? And you don’t want to be misusing your best products just to create a non fogging mirror, you want to use those on that man in the mirror, in a bathroom that doesn’t smell like vinegar or dishes. So as I said before, isn’t it time you got yourself a fogproof mirror?

It’s more effective, and it’s permanent - by which I mean, there’s no need to be getting up that little bit earlier to wipe down your mirror in the morning. No one wants more jobs to do in the morning. So opting for an anti fog shower mirror, which requires no upkeep at all, makes a lot of sense. What’s more, a fogless mirror doesn’t smell, and as great as vinegar can be in your cooking, it’s not an ingredient I’d choose for my morning routine. But maybe that’s just me. There’s no denying that with a fogless mirror, you’ll have less hassle in the morning, which leaves you more time to concentrate on looking your best.


What Is The Best Fogless Shower Mirror?

Tooletries Anti Fog Shower Mirror 
Click Here for The Harvey & Oliver Set

Now we’re all agreed, let’s talk about fogless mirrors. First then, if it’s not vinegar or shampoo, what exactly is it that makes a mirror fogless? And most importantly of all, if you’re going to spend your hard earned dollars, do anti-fog mirrors actually work?

OK, science time. Again. You can buy heated shower mirrors that equalize the temperature, to prevent condensation. However, by far the easiest (and cheapest) method is to use a polycarbonate mirror with a hydrophilic layer applied, which will encourage the water to form a very fine film instead of forming droplets and fog. Which is why we think these are the best fog free shower mirrors. What’s more, with polycarbonates you can make shatterproof mirrors, so you’ll never need to worry about covering your shower floor with shards of glass.

Our very own fogless mirror, The Oliver, uses this system.  Not only stylish, shatterproof and totally fog-free, our Silicone Grip Technology will ensure it sticks to all shiny surfaces, be it glass, mirror, shower tiles or marble. What’s more, it’s not a one time deal: if you move home or you just decide you want a change of angle for your morning shave, simply peel it off and stick it wherever you need it next. Designed to fit neatly with both our shaving and toothbrush organisers, like an under mirror bathroom shelf, meaning you can jump in the shower and be ready to go, for super streamlined grooming and ease. If you need a mirror and shelf, check out our bundles: The James & Oliver Set comes with one large self-draining container to hold your shaver/comb/toothbrush/whatever else you like, while The Harvey & Oliver Set comes with separate holders for your shaver and toothbrush and an extra container for you toothpaste and shaving foam, etc.

Whichever you prefer, I hope by now you can see my logic on going fogless. When you can save time and hassle in the morning without any additional labor and at such a good price, I think it’s crazy to not do it. Check out our Tooletries fog free shaving mirror today and free up those precious grooming minutes.

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