How To Clean Your Toothbrush Holder

When it comes to bathrooms, most of us know the toilet bowl requires some special attention. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that your toilet is the perfect location for germs to replicate.

With every flush, tiny particles of urine and fecal matter escape across the bathroom. It’s gross! But remember this – we’ll come back to it later. It’s why Dr. Oz was so vocal on his show about always closing the toilet lid before flushing.

If that seems like a pain in the butt, think of it this way: where is the spray of nasty germs eventually going to touch down? Is your toothbrush and razor holder in the firing line? You get the idea. Shut the lid of the toilet before you flush.


Why Clean Your Toothbrush Holder?  

Even if your toilet is in a separate room, you’re not in the clear. Think about your supposedly sanitary toothbrush holder for a minute. It’s another place that’s ideal for germs. Picking the right bathroom organizers that are also easy to keep clean is so incredibly important.

Think about it – your toothbrush is contaminated because you’ve used it to clean your mouth. Worse still, the water from the brush makes the holder constantly moist. This provides an ideal environment for germs to thrive.

Unlike your toothbrush, though, these germs are not rinsed away or doused in mouthwash. It’s a perfect storm. The micro-organisms that make you ill love the general humidity of the bathroom.

Throw in a handy spot for the germs to fester, and they’re moving in.



How To Clean A Toothbrush Holder 

Your toothbrush holder is not just proficient at collecting germs. It’s also pretty good at catching water. Over time, water will build up in the bottom of the container. If it’s not emptied out, it will stagnate and ooze.

Are you still not convinced? What if a cockroach, ant, fly, or any kind of bug accidentally falls into the holder? The bottom of the holder could be littered with corpses you won’t even see. Also, if you're wondering how to keep your toothbrush sanitary, don't use a toothbrush cover - a cover stops your toothbrush from drying out and becomes prime breeding ground for germs.

If you want a clean and sanitary home, you should be washing your wall mounted toothbrush holder at least once a week. Fortunately, it’s not difficult. Read on to learn how to do it.


Materials You’ll Need

· A small brush that can get into the grooves or a pipe cleaner.

· Hot water.

· Soap.

· Anti-bacterial mouthwash or alcohol.

· Patience.


Step 1: Rinse Well

What I like to do is to fill the basin with hot soapy water. There needs to be enough water in the basin for the holder to be completely submerged. The water temperature should be scalding.

You may use boiling water for better sterilization but check to be sure the plastic can handle it. If you don’t have an antiseptic mouthwash, you could use boiling water instead.

I leave the tooth brush holder in the water to soak. It’s not essential to do this, but I find that it makes the grime easier to remove, especially where particles have hardened or congealed. I leave it soaking until the water has cooled to a comfortable temperature.

Then rinse it again in clean water.


Step 2: Scrub

If you can get one of those long, thin brushes used to clean inside a stainless steel straw, these work exceptionally well. If not, use what you have in the house. A pipe cleaner works well to remove any leftover debris.

Scrub inside the holes of the toothbrush storage carefully. You want to remove every speck of visible dirt.


Step 3: Sanitize Your Toothbrush Holder

Technically speaking, the hot water should have killed off all the germs. I don’t like to take chances, though. Your next step is to put some mouthwash or alcohol into the bathroom toothbrush holder. You need a mouthwash with an anti-bacterial agent for it to be effective.

Swish the liquid around a bit and try to cover all the interior surfaces of it. Put some of the mouthwash on your brush and make sure that the holes are also all disinfected. Set this aside for at least five minutes.


Step 4: Rinse and Let it Dry

Now rinse the holder with clean water and let all the water drain out. Dry it thoroughly to prevent another quick build-up.


placing toothbrush in holder



Or Chuck it in The Dishwasher

If you’re not interested in going to all that effort, cleaning it in the dishwasher is a helpful alternative. Remove your toothbrush caddy and include it with a relatively light load of dishes. Make sure to use the hot cycle for better results.

When the cycle finishes, rinse the holder again in clean water and set it aside to dry.


Toothbrush Holder Options

Wondering how to store your toothbrush? Maybe you've thought about brushing your teeth in the shower to save on time in the morning. A toothbrush and toothpaste holder can be positioned on your shower wall, unless you've got one of those cool toothbrushes with toothbrush and toothpaste built into it. It's one of the best ways to store your tooth brush and toothpaste. Try The Harvey & Oliver Set for the best toothbrush holder you’ve ever had. It’s easy to clean, just pop it in your dishwasher.

If you live by yourself or with just one partner, and only have a maximum of two toothbrushes to worry about, why not try The George, a modern toothbrush holder? It's an epic toothbrush organizer.

Toothbrush cups, on the other hand, are not sanitary toothbrush holders because the water collects in the bottom of the glass, trapping dirt and bacteria.

A suction toothbrush holder will solve the problem of water accumulating at the bottom of the container and keep your toothbrushes clean and hygienic. If you do decide on a suction holder, it should also be regularly and thoroughly cleaned as above. Need more ideas for bathroom organizers? See our guide to Bathroom Vanity Organization.


 man using toothbrush holder


What Is The Best Toothbrush Holder? 

I know, it’s another item on a long list of things to clean. Look at it this way, the mouth is a prime breeding ground for bacterial growth. Bacteria in the mouth also crosses over into the bloodstream more easily.

Studies have shown an unfortunate correlation between higher plaque levels and cardiovascular diseases. As men, we have enough to contend with and we don’t need to increase our risk of having a heart attack or a stroke, too.

If that’s not enough to convince you, nothing will. Not cleaning your toothbrush holder is absolutely disgusting. Don’t be that guy.

Be the guy with the sparkling pearly whites and the clean, tidy bathroom. Visit Tooletries for our full range of stylish bathroom organizers and unique toothbrush holders.

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