What’s The Best Fogless Shower Mirror For Shaving?

If like me, you’ve ever wanted to save time in the morning, you might have thought about shaving in the shower: if only you could find a shower mirror that didn’t fog up. Especially on the colder mornings when you really don’t need to be standing around damp and shivering. Or messing around wiping the condensation off your bathroom mirror and trying to shave in the little patch in the middle that’s unfogged. Or worse, tearing off those little bits of tissue to stem the flow of blood from all those little razor cuts.

Finding the best mirror for shower use isn’t as easy as it might seem. If you’ve ever left your house in the morning, late for work, badly shaved with your face stinging from aftershave and multiple micro-cuts, you might have wished for a solution.

Wondering if there's a fogless shower mirror you could use instead? Well, read on: this might not change your life, but it could definitely make your mornings better.


You’re a smart guy and I don’t want to patronize you, but just for clarity's sake, I’m going to say it anyway.  A fogless shower mirror is one which won’t fog up when you run the hot water, and it lives, that’s right ... in the shower. So up till now, pretty easy to digest, I hope. There is a little more to it than that though, I’m afraid.

The fog we see on our mirror is tiny water droplets or condensation. When the hot steam or water vapor from the shower head hits the much colder glass, it condenses into thousands of tiny water droplets, which accumulate on the surface of the glass. Those droplets remain there as they aren’t large enough (or heavy enough) for gravity to pull them down and allow them to flow away.

This results in the mist on your mirror which obscures your face and renders the thing useless (albeit temporarily). This is how steam interacts with untreated cold glass, but with a little simple science, it can be avoided. See our post on how to stop your bathroom mirror from fogging up. Enter, the fog-free shower mirror. But first …


You might be aware of anti-fog windscreens, which encourage water flow and mean that the driver need only use the wipers sporadically. For this to work, a hydrophobic coating is applied to the glass. And no, hydrophobic doesn’t mean scared of the water - it does mean that the coating repels it. It encourages the tiny droplets which fog consists of to gather together to form larger droplets, which then have enough weight to run off the glass. This leaves the glass clear and fog free.

A fogless bathroom mirror works a little differently due to the fact the fog comes from vapor, not rain: so to create an effective shower mirror for shaving we need something a little different. To get around this issue in the shower, some people use a heated shower mirror, which equalizes the temperature of the glass to prevent fog. Many shower shaving mirrors are not actually made from glass, however.

Instead, they are made from polycarbonate material, with which you can make a shatterproof mirror. To this is applied a hydrophilic coating, which works in the exact opposite way to the hydrophobic coating. Instead of encouraging the water to leave, it prevents droplets forming and instead creates a very fine film of water so you see a fogless mirror image of yourself, no matter how hot the shower.

Benefits Of Fog Free Shaving Mirrors In The Shower

So we’ve covered the how, and it’s time to talk about the why. Namely, why use an anti-fog mirror to shave in the shower? Well, first it saves time, especially if you have all your shaving gear in there waiting for you. So no need get out, dry your face and body, ready to lather up with foam, shave and then wash and dry your face all over again.

No standing around dripping wet and freezing cold in the winter mornings either, waiting for the mirror to defog so you can get on with your morning routine. Instead, you’ll be shaving in the hot steam from the shower, so not only will you be quicker and more efficient, you’ll be way more comfortable in the warm water.


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What’s more, shower mirrors allow you to step straight out of the hot water and steam into your towel, so you just dry yourself, and you’re good to go. With time to spare to get dressed, do your hair, or whatever else it is you need to do to make sure you’re feeling 100% when you leave the house. So, fitting fog-free mirrors in your bathroom makes sense, right?

The warm shower water will also soften up your bristles and your skin, so with a fogless mirror, your shave will be easier and more precise. Heat also opens up your pores which is great for the skin, so if you have a post-shave skincare regimen (which you should have) then your moisturizer/soothing balm will be more readily absorbed, leaving you with softer skin and less irritation.

If you’ve never thought about installing a fog-free mirror to shave in the shower, you should try it; your morning routine will be cut in half, your skin will be in better condition and you’ll always be perfectly groomed. What’s more, you’ll buy back time to sit with your coffee and get yourself psyched for the day ahead and it can double as a makeup mirror - more points for the anti-fog shower mirror.


The Best Anti Fog Grooming Mirror

With all I’ve said above in mind, it’s pretty clear that there are many many advantages to using a no fog mirror for shaving in the shower. The best shower mirror is one that’s fit for your purposes. You’re going to need a mirror that doesn’t fog up the minute you start the shower. And one that doesn’t fall off the wall like useless suction cups, and one that will survive even in the unlikely event that it does.

The best fogless shower mirror is one you can place at the exact height you need it because we’re not all the same size. And ideally something you can take with you if you’re moving house. You don’t want to re-purchase every time you need a change of scenery.


It’s for all these reasons that many of the best fogproof mirrors on the market are made from polycarbonate materials with a hydrophilic coating. Not only does the hydrophilic coating prevent fogging, but it’s a permanent fix which means no need to apply anything at all or maintain your fog proof mirrors - it’s a one time fix and it will last forever.

Fog-free bathroom mirrors mean you’re always safe as you wield that razor blade. The polycarbonate it is applied to is totally shatterproof. Even if your fogless bathroom mirror did hit the floor due to a dodgy suction cups grip, you’re not going to have to deal with the nightmare of a thousand tiny shards of glass in your shower or on your bathroom floor.

Now, of course, whether your fogless mirrors are shatterproof or not, the last thing you want is your mirror falling off the shower wall mid-shave. Luckily, most of the fog proof shower mirrors on the market come with either suction cup design attachments, which allow you to easily remove or reposition the mirror. Also available is waterproof silicone grip technology which does the exact same thing but allows the no fog shower mirror to sit nice and snug right up against the shower wall.

Both have the advantage of sticking to nearly any surface, chrome finish, even glass, or mirror shower tiles, meaning if your shower already has a mirror that’s not fog proof, you can just add your own fog proof extension. Both will also stick to tiles, and even marble if you’re really living the high life! Also, unlike a hanging shower mirror, they cannot be knocked off the wall. You can fit a fogless mirror anywhere.

One thing you can’t forget when looking for a fog-free shaving mirror is the size of the thing. I can’t tell you how many times in the past I’ve struggled to shave in a substandard, tiny round bathroom mirror and wondered who on earth thought this would do the job. You need a men's shaving mirror, one that’s big enough that you can see your whole face. For shaving or just for grooming, I think it’s essential that you should be able to see your whole face if your fogless shaving mirror is going to be truly effective.

Pro Tip - Change out your bulbs for led lights to really bring your grooming game to precision level.

The Oliver is, IMO, the best shower shaving mirror - it doesn’t fog of course, but it’s also super easy to apply and remove with silicone stick technology (no silicone adhesive means it can reapply anywhere), and it’s a perfect size. If you’re looking for a shower caddy with mirror above, it’s designed to fit perfectly with our razor hook and toothbrush holder, so take a look at The Harvey & Oliver Set if you need a mirror, shelf and razor holder.

The premium shaving experience that come's with shaving in the shower is a no brainer if you ask me, and once you’ve tried a fog free travel mirror I’m sure you’ll agree. If you’re sold on the idea, as you should be, then check out our fogless shower mirror sets here: I swear you won’t regret it.

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