5 Products For Professional Bathroom Organization

The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house. It’s also the one we spend a lot of time getting ready in. Consequently, it can also get messy very quickly. You’ve got to find places to store towels, hair products, toothbrushes, and so on. In this post, we’ll look at the five most important items for professional bathroom organization.


Bathroom Vanity Organizer

Bathroom vanity organizers are a must for anyone hoping to keep their bathroom from becoming a hot mess. The key to keeping the mess organized is to find the right storage for everything. Let’s look at some quick ideas, for example, a suction razor holder for shower will keep your daily grooming tools within reach.


Organizing Your Makeup and Hair Styling Tools

When it comes to cosmetic and hairstyling organizers, you have a lot of options. Here are a few that might work for you:
  • Makeup Baskets: These are great because you can add more as needed. Choose stackable versions to save the most space on the counter. Alternatively, check out useful bathroom organizers like this toothbrush and razor organizer here.
  • Under Vanity Organizer: These are ideal when you want to keep the counter surfaces free of stuff. They could be simple baskets that hook onto your counter or a full system of shelves or drawers.
  • Vertical Makeup Storage: There are a few options here. One of my favorites is to stick a magnetic sheet to the inside of the vanity’s door. Glue small magnets to the bottom of makeup cases and you have a quick and easy storage solution.
  • Hair Styling Organizers: You can make your own organizer quite easily with a foot of PVC piping. Screw it into the wall, and you’ve got a “holster” for your curling iron or flat iron.


Vanity Organizer Ideas For Men

bathroom vanity organization ideas for men

Keep a lookout for clever storage solutions like The James. This nifty little organizer allows you to get rid of that cruddy razer mug holder altogether. This baby has silicone grip technology that will stick to your mirror or tiles easily.

Shower Organizer

Shower organizers have come a long way from the cheap and nasty plastic versions we had as kids. Those old clunkers were effective, but man, were they were ugly. Modern-day versions are a lot sleeker and more interesting.

Here are some ideas that you can use to get your shower organized:

  • Shower Shelves: These tend to be built into the shower and so must be planned for when you’re building or remodeling.
  • Corner Shower Organizer: These can be built-in or bought as separate units. They’re a great option for heavier products like shampoo.
  • Hanging Shower Organizer: These easily slip over the tap or on a screw. They come in different materials and configurations and often have special sections for soap bars.
  • Shower Rack: These versatile organizers are pretty simple and consist of railed baskets.


shower organizer ideas for men
Click Here for The Maverick & Henry Set


An example of an organizer that doesn’t take up a lot of space is The Maverick and Henry Set. It consists of two units that suction onto the walls. One is to hold your razor and shaving brush, and the other acts as a razor mug.

Towel Hooks

Hanging your damp towels over the bathroom door is not a stylish storage solution, nor a practical one. Bathroom towel storage comes in many forms, so there’s no need to deal with those water stains as a result of constantly draping your wet towels over the door. Let’s see what your options are.

  • Bathroom Towel Bars: These are the most common form of towel storage solutions. Get a heated rail to keep towels toasty warm in winter if you like.
  • Bathroom Towel Hooks: These are great if you’ve got a smaller bathroom. Instead of wasting space with a long towel rail, you can just put up the exact number of hooks you need.
  • Bathroom Shelf with Hooks: These are great when you need that extra bit of storage. The shelf on top can be used to store clean towels or toiletries. The hooks underneath are perfect for hanging towels on.

A useful example of this concept taken to the next level is The 4 in 1. This set includes:

  • A hook for your towel
  • Holders for your toothbrush
  • A magnetic square to store things like nail clippers
  • Storage for your razor

Over The Toilet Shelves

We often overlook the space above the toilet. That’s a real shame because some well-placed over toilet shelves can add a ton of storage. Here are some options to consider:

  • Cabinets: If you want a toilet organizer that keeps things neat and tidy, cabinets are a good bet. Lock away the mess so that you can keep your bathroom neat.
  • Bathroom Toilet Shelf: These come in a range of different types. Get creative and find new ways to make toilet shelves fun. Why not press an old metal bookcase into service? Or make a set of shelves from an old ladder?
  • Alternative Bathroom Toilet Storage: And while you’re at it, why stick with plain old shelves when you can get creative? Consider adding a wine rack to store towels or toilet tissue. Why not use a rustic-looking crate instead?
  • Over the Toilet Organizer: These might incorporate a shelf or cabinet and hooks for extra versatility.
  • Need even more small bathroom storage ideas? Check out our guide to bathroom organization.


Bathroom Caddy

The tub’s surroundings can also get a little cluttered. Using a caddy to help tidy up makes a lot of sense here. Let’s consider your options:

  • Chrome Bath Caddy: These typically either sit in the corner or are hung on the walls. Chrome won’t rust and is easy to keep shiny and clean.
  • Over the Tub Bath Caddy: These are useful if you like reading in the bath. They’re essentially little more than a long plank that reaches from one side of the tub to the other. They’re designed to hook on and are great for standalone baths.
  • A Plastic Bath Caddy: Chrome looks great, but the downside is that it shows fingerprints fast. Plastic might be a better option if you have kiddies.

One bath caddy is very similar to the next. Whether it’s a stainless steel bath caddy or a plastic one, it’s essentially a basket to keep things from getting out of control.

The James is my type of shower caddy. It’s great if you want to save space in the bathroom. It attaches easily to tiling and mirrors and has a sleek profile.

bathroom vanity organization ideas for men



Organizing your bathroom is simple if you find the right tools. Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there to tame your unruly bathroom counter—follow our tips, and both you and your bathroom can be sleek and stylish in a hot second. See Tooletries' range of bathroom storage products and keep your bathroom ultra-organized.

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