How To Organize Bathroom Drawers

It’s pretty easy for your bathroom to become a mess in the morning hustle. You’re getting ready for work, and you don’t have time to make sure that everything is perfectly lined up. That’s why it’s essential to look into bathroom accessories that make bathroom storage a breeze.

In this post, we’ll look at small bathroom storage ideas and storage furniture that will make your life easier.


Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Bathroom drawers are one of the most useful bathroom storage options. What’s easier than scooping up a pile of nasty brushes, hair care products, or makeup and stashing them in a few catch-all bathroom storage drawers?

A bathroom vanity with drawers can hide a lot of untidiness. Unfortunately, the next time you need to find an item in that junk drawer, you’re going to have issues. A simple drawer organizer makes it easy to keep everything in its proper place.

bathroom drawers

These organizers might be in the form of a set of baskets, basic divider strips, or even compartmentalized boxes. Like my dad used to say about his impeccably organized workbench: “Everything in its place.”


DIY Drawer Organizer

There’s no need to spend a fortune, though. Making your own DIY bathroom organization system is simple. Get some used cardboard boxes from any local store, and you literally don’t have to spend a cent.

It’s easy enough. Measure the length, width, and height of the drawer. Decide on what spaces you want to divide it up into. Cut lengths of cardboard to fit across the width and length of the drawer. Where you need a join, cut a slit halfway up each piece and slot them together.


Use sturdy cardboard and, if you like, cover it with shelf liner first. That’s it—your DIY drawer divider is done. And while we’re only talking bathroom organization here, this is equally useful for a DIY underwear drawer organizer. No more digging through a chaotic mess of boxer shorts to find that pesky pair of no-show black socks.


Bathroom Makeup Organizer

When it comes to makeup, staying organized becomes more difficult. There are lots of different products that end up on the makeup shelf—products of all different shapes and sizes…which makes bathroom makeup storage more challenging.

Fortunately, there are tons of cosmetic and hairstyling organizers out there. Make your own by adapting the DIY idea in the previous section. Alternatively, look for a commercial product that offers hanging storage as well.



A hanging storage system consists of different trays. One group fits into the bottom of the drawer. The second lot of trays sits on top of the drawer, just where it slides into the cabinet. This is one of the best makeup storage ideas for small spaces, as it uses all the available space.

And hey, while you’re at it, why not make use of the space under the shelves as well? Stick a magnetic strip to the underside of the shelf. Attach magnets to the lids of the makeup containers. This allows you to hang the containers quickly and easily and get them out of the way.


Bathroom Storage Cabinets

We’ve focused this post on organizing bathroom drawers, but the tips can be equally useful in bathroom storage cabinets. A set of baskets or trays can easily be stacked up to take full advantage of the space in the bathroom storage cabinet.

The magnetic strip idea for your makeup will work just as well on the inside of your toilet cabinet or bathroom cabinet storage doors.

Other bathroom cabinet ideas include the use of a bathroom caddy as simple means to organize.


How Can I Organize My Bathroom Without Drawers?

Good question. Up until this point, we’ve assumed that you have drawers to put bathroom organizers into. What happens if you only have a bathroom organizer over the toilet? Or if you don’t have enough space for a vanity?

In this section, we’ll look at bathroom organizers for small bathrooms—without drawers.


A Bathroom Trolley with Drawers

Using a bathroom trolley as a bathroom organizer can be a stroke of genius. If you have a tiny bathroom, roll in the cart when you need it. When it’s not needed, roll it back out again and store it in the passageway or your bedroom.


Wall Organizer

Using the vertical space is another one of our top bathroom organizer ideas. This could be in the form of a shower caddy or a handy dandy hanging bathroom organizer. Try The James, our toiletry organizer. The James is lightweight and sleek. It will suction onto any shiny surface, like a mirror or tile. You get to choose the perfect place to put it. And a bonus: No more gross rings on the vanity from your razor mug. Another option is The in One Series. This takes organization in small bathrooms to the next level. The system features four pads that strongly suction onto glossy surfaces, and also comes with:

· A hook to hang your sponge/back brush/etc. from

· A magnetic platform to hold your tweezers or nail clippers

· A toothbrush holder (holds two)

· A molded razor holder


Shower Caddy

The humble shower caddy is the perfect storage device for shampoos, body wash, and other body care items. Enough said. Consider The Harvey, our toothbrush and razor holder combo. With The Harvey, you’ll have your razor and toothbrush perfectly positioned in your shower, allowing you to shave (literally!) minutes off your morning routine.


 Click Here For The Harvey Toothbrush & Razor Holder


Hanging Storage

Another way to take advantage of the vertical space is to install cabinets on the wall. These will need to be fairly shallow, but can still provide a lot of storage, and they come in all sorts of styles and colors.


Alternative Storage Solutions

If you just look around a bit, you’ll be surprised at the different storage solutions available to you. Here are some fun ideas:

· Hook it: Hooks can be useful for storing a range of different things. Hang washcloths, towels, body wash bottles, back get the picture.

· Crates: A wooden crate offers a simple and quirky extra storage solution. Simply hang it on the wall with the opening facing out and you’ve got simple-yet-trendy towel storage.

· Hanging Baskets: If you need a little more storage, a set of hanging baskets could be the right move for you.

Need even more ideas for small bathroom storage? See our guide to storage hacks for small bathrooms.

Keeping your bathroom neat and tidy is simple once you’ve found the right storage solutions. Once everything has its place, all you have to do is to take a second to put it away properly. It won’t add much time to your morning routine at all—and it’s amazing how much more calm and centered you’ll feel as you head out to face whatever curveballs the day may throw at you.

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